summary of pyconweb 2019

F… awesome!

talks and workshops

I tried to collect all slides from Twitter and Telegram - in case I missed some, please drop me a line @jugmac00.

Saturday, 25 May 2019

  • Building robust APIs
  • Tornado Web Services on AsyncIO
  • Bocadillo, or how I built an open source async web framework
  • Introduction to GraphQL and Graphene
  • Hello to the World in 8 Web Frameworks
  • Life without passwords
  • The dos and don’ts of task queues
  • An introduction to D3.js for data visualization
  • Matrix: Building a decentralized messaging platform using Python and Twisted
  • “Where are the keys?” Solving day-to-day Problems using Tech
  • Teaching how to start developing web applications with Python
  • Dependency Injection in Python: Lessons Learned from Enterprise Web Development
  • Using Python, Matrix and TensorFlow to analyse the content of messages
  • Documentation in practice
  • Testing network interactions in Python
  • Your Name is Invalid!

Sunday, 26 May 2019

  • New web platform security features for modern web apps
  • TurboGears, 10+ years of redesigning a web framework
  • What do travel, food & health websites have in common? Auditing websites & apps for privacy leaks
  • Web Infrastructure Management made easy with Terraform
  • Testing Python security
  • Introduction to Cython
  • Real world Graphene: lessons learned from building a GraphQL API on top of a large Django project
  • An alternative approach to Plone theming
  • Is Django too complicated?
  • Creating Crazy Robotic Librarians
  • Tech bankruptcy: Looking back on a decade of bad decision making
  • Using AI to Power Your Images
  • Kubernetes Workshop
  • Managing the charge process for fleets of electric vehicles using Python and OCPP
  • Context matters: producing more useful logs with Python
  • Augmented and virtual reality on the web

post scriptum

Thanks for the Echo Dot! I have not yet dared to open the pandora’s box, but I will! (narrator: I did not. I sold it for 10 bucks - shrug.)



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